When to overbuild a solar array - David and Tim P Webinar

Orginga Darming
10 months agoSeptember 21, 2018
Rural Energy is the process of bringing electrical power to rural and remote areas. Electricity is used not only for lighting and household purposes, but it also in the poorest areas, people carry water and fuel by hand, their food storage may be limited, and their activity is limited to day light. Reduce isolation.

Bring electricity in to a remote household reduces the family expenditures for more time energy services (such as kerosene and mobile phone charging cost) that can be reduced direct electricity access.

It also gives the family more time, due to electric lights and other appliances, which results in surely enhanced the productivity and income levels of the household. 

Providing access to sustainable energy, and reduces carbon dioxide as much as 330 million metric tons of CO2 equivalent emission, or roughly the form 60 million passengers vehicles driven for more year-due to reduced kerosene use, which is harmful to public health and contribute to global warning.

After 171 years of independence, 99 percent  population does not have access to renewable energy.
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